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The revolution in the fight against cellulite

VACU WEIGHT LOSS - a training device composed of treadmill or stationary bicycle located in negative pressure capsule. This type of solution helps to lose fat tissue 4 times quicker, particularly fat located on abdomen, thights and buttocks. Device has function of "negative pressure use" that enables lymphatic drainage - active emptying of cellulite cells.

VACU is unrivaled in the fight against cellulite. Due to negative pressure use blood circulation improves, skin becames firmer and its apperance is improved. Physical condition and vitality are improved. Effect is persistent for a long time having positive influence on well-being of exercising person.

Vacu effects

Active slimming

  • Extreme fat burning
  • Reduction of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Smooth and firm body
  • Improving metebolism
  • Loss excess weight 4x faster
  • Improve well-being and increase vitality
  • Effects visible for many months
  • Each session gives persistent effects

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  • Vic

    When I started at Vacu I was a hefty size 16 but after 10 sessions on the vacu I had gone down to a size 12!!! With healthy eating and continuing to go weekly I am now a size 10 and maintaining my weight. I'm back to the size and shape I was when I was in my 20s!!!! Marta and Ania are so supportive, friendly and encouraging that it made exercising easy and I look forward to going...........we're even planning on running in the 10K next year and that's something I never thought I'd do!!! I'm really happy with Vacu and couldn't imagine being the size I am now without them...........thank you guys you're amazing and I recommend everyone to try it, you won't be sorry, you'll be healthy and fit.

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